San Antonio Riverwalk

rides on the river are a very common site
view below from our room's balcony
view across the river from our room
from inside our room
night time ambience
loved the foliage all around the river
foliage maintained using water from the river 
a lot of bridges dotted the riverway
these guys were all over the place
beautiful architecture of our hotel
trees all around us
a group enjoying dinner on the river

KC | Antique Cars on 5th Street

Interestingly enough, last week I saw these two antiques across from the antique store.

Cape Coral

Sunset across from Lou's Place

A Brown Anole taken at John's Dock

Another Cape Coral Sunset over the River 

Lou pick up 3 Dozen Clams at the Farmers Market

Across from Lou's Place

My Brother-in-Law Lou

Sandhill Crane

Across the Street from Lou's Place

Another Palm


View from our Hotel Room
Aspen Hippie Heritage
Village Square
Aspen Shops
Opera House
Outdoor Dining
Hippie Ambulance
Court House